xLobby V3 – 3.0.9114.104


Mantis reference numbers

0000027: [generic] no boolean logic exists in v3, if/then/else/repeat/>/=/</and/or/not (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000015: [generic] boolean logic for book mark popup (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000474: [client/server] client server, crash on large database files 15MB+ (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000468: [skin editor] width and height do not update in real time while resizing objects (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000476: [client/server] playlists are compared before refreshing for speed (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000479: [triggers] schedule trigger, would overwrite repeat setting to 1, and forever to true (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000481: [triggers] enable/disable schedule trigger does not cause reinitialization (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000475: [client/server] databases are updated for speed instead of re downloading all the time (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000473: [generic] bookmark popup, give user choice to resume from bookmark or not (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000478: [client/server] auto connect sometimes would connected twice causing crash (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000480: [triggers] short secondly schedule triggers would not startup correctly (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000482: [triggers] should only be able to edit one trigger at a time (could cause data loss) (stevenhanna6) – resolved.

Over the next several days I will be posting more details on how to use the new Boolean logic features in the current V3 release.

For an immediate example open the skin editor, look at the screen movieviewer.



Example: 1 (Simple Boolean Logic, Volume Control by Artist)


Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2

The screenshots above are of xLobby Boolean Logic in action. The Next Track Artist Button is controlling the local event you see. The first command in the event moves to the next track of the currently playing playlist which in this case is playall artists and tracks. The next event is the Boolean logic event that uses a Logic If  command with a Condition Equals command dropped on top followed by a OS Master Volume set to 40 command, see screen shot 2. So the condition event states that during a track next chage if  “audioplayer>now>%artist%” = “Journey” then set the master volume to 40%. So simply put anytime the artist Journey is played the master volume will goto 40%.

Example: 2 (Simple Boolean Logic, Preview Music for 20 Seconds)







This xLobby Boolean logic example above demonstrates the use of the xLobby Triggers feature. The screenshots show 2 buttons, Disable and Enable that turns the 20 second track sample feature on and off. Here is the details: A trigger Group was created called Check Track Time with a trigger called Track Preview, the trigger is set for 1 second to look at the local Boolean event that monitors the track time position for change, when it gets to 20 the event becomes true and the event to move to the next track is triggered. The Disable and enable buttons simply Disable\Enable the trigger with a button set text to show the status of the buttons. This feature when enable will let users sample each track from a selected artist or from a large loaded playlist for 20 seconds to see if they like a particular song before moving to the next track automatically.

Wes Black