xLobby Remote Control Facts

xLobby has many ways in which the IR receiver and transmitter can be used, below are a few examples

1. Learn IR codes and use them to build any control interface you want, with macros including a mixture of (xLobby Control elements, IR, RS232 or any xLobby service) as well as boolean logic structures.

2. Output to 3 discrete IR zones, 2 external (rear of xLobby hardware) and one front panel IR emitter for immediate testing. So for example control two Direct TV receivers independently while using the third IR output to flood the rack with the built-in front panel IR emitter.

3. Learn virtually any remote and map its commands internally to be used to control xLobby. This makes it possible for xLobbys remote to work at the same time any other remote that has been mapped internally to xLobby to work at the same time or you can enable or disable xLobbys remote and just a single remote will work. This makes it possibe for any remote to control xLobby if needed or to be added on top of the existing  xlobby remote commands to  create more buttons to use in a universal remote. The next release of xLobby will have premapped buttons for MCE, Kaleidescape and more to come so you can install xLobby that already has a certain products IR codes availble and start using xLobby without any programming or learning IR commands.

4. Convert any IR code to RS232 or IP triggers.

5. Any networked xLobby can receive IR commands and route them to any other xLobby system on the network and rebroadcast the IR code, no need for IR distribution blocks or cabling between machines.


Wes Black