xLobby uses the winamp M3U file format for creating playlists in xLobby. Whats interesting about the M3U file format is that users on a network using a laptop or PC  that has winamp software loaded with the playback file structure  mapped to the same playback folder structure as xLobby can create playlists using winamp and store them directly in the xLobby playlist folder for example:(c:\programs\xLobby\playlists) so multiple users can create playlists outside of xLobby that will show up in the playlist manager of xLobby that was created from multiple users. Any xLobby system can also save playlists to a shared folder on a NAS or xLobby server so all users have access to the same music playlists. Also playlists created in xLobby are also usable  for playback in winamp.

Future plans include importing of playlists ftom Windows Media Player and Itunes.

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