New xLobby V3 Build 3.0.9087.29

The bug fixes and details on future releases of xLobby V3 will now appear in the mantis change log. I will still mention relevant bug fixes and new features and items that need specific details explained.

 A few new features have been added to the Event Editor.

1. Command Count to indicate how many commands are in a single event.

2. Copy, Copy All button so that individual or group commands in the event editor can be copied and reused in another event.

3. Delete All button to delete a long event without having to delete them individually.

4. Paste button for the Copy All feature.

5. Clear Buffer, clears the Copy All items.

6. Under the Toolbox Menu is a new function to Lock and Unlock all the graffic elements in a menu so they can not be moved while adding events to elements in the skin.

7. The Background Set command is used to set any menu background based on a local image file or webbased image file location for example:

Also live video streams, example: see Event Editor Screen Shot 3. Upcoming additional features will include Repeat, Random commands, ability to load images from the picture library.

8. Background Play and Stop commands for video backgrounds.


Mantis Change Log:

Event Editor Screen Shot 1:

Event Editor Screen Shot 2:

Event Editor Screen Shot 3:

This News Post is Subject to changes.

Wes Black