xLobby WMP Internet Radio

The next release of V3 will include a new sample menu of playing back IP radio using the windows media player (WMP) engine. This provides users with additional options for playing online content using (WMP) so that any extension (WMP) can play xLobby will be able to play as well. This feature will only play back using the default audio zone and will not work for xlobby multizone at present. This new player will also allow us to exploit the visualization feature as well as other items of (WMP) which will be announced soon.  Also the content will stop playing if you leave the menu. This will not replace the existing IP radio menus but will add more flexability to xLobby for streaming online content. More robust control over the player will be available soon.

This ia now available in build:  3.0.9078.56

The screen is called: IP radio WMP.xml


Windows Media Radio Tuner Link to IP Radio Stations: 



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