xLobby realtime interface for GE security systems. Accessable to any xLobby system connected to the service from the network. Works like any GE stand alone keypad. Status icons can be programed to be solid, flashing indicators or even a animated fade in \ out effect. Create a simple user interface or exploit all features to show any detailed information you want. All security events can be used alone or in combination with any xLobby system wide events. The current xLobby release has all the new services included for Lighting, Russound and the powerfull new xLobby U-Connect RS232 service. More specific details on features and how to use the services will be posted soon.


xLobby GE Security Advanced Menu

xLobby GE Security Services Menu comunicationg with NX-587E serial interface

User Interface GUI


NX-587E Serial Interface Module used to communicate with GE security panels and standard 9 pin RS232 ports.

NX-8, 8 Zone Security System, expandable to 192 zones


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Wes Black