xLobby 4 Port IR Card (40-IR4)

xLobby Servers and Clients have IR input\output interface devices that learn and transmit IR with the standard models having only one IR input and one IR output jack.  When fitted with the xLobby 40-IR4 it can provide 4 individually isolated 3.5mm jacks with a jumper for each port that can drive the output either low or high in current, (Selectable) . The IR input jack can feed IR signals directly to the xLobby ir receiver without having to use an IR emitter on the front of the unit and mix or provide IR to the 4 IR output jacks simultaneously, so the 40-IR4 can be used only as a IR connecting block if needed or signals from xLobby ir transmitter and external IR signals via the IR input jack can be shared at the same time.

We are working on a new model that can direct or provide gate keeping control over up to 6 ports. xLobby will be able to send IR signals to selected ports or to all ports simultaneously. This new model will allow control of the same type of equipment independently so for eample, xLobby can send a channel up command to only 1 of the 6 satellite receivers in the rack or a combination of  them all.

The green L.E.D indicators on the board indicate status of IR singnal routing thru the 40-IR4 module. 

Below are some images. 




This unit and many new accessories will be on display at Cedia 2008. We hope to see some xLobby user from the forum there. A product sheet on the 40-IR4 will be posted soon. 

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