Infinity CCTV & xLobby

This is available to paid only xLobby users from there My xLobby accounts. We have created a basic control structure for our newest partner in DVR CCTV security products, Infinity CCTV. You can now control and view infinity DVR products inside xLobby. More advanced control and communications with there products will be available over the next few months when we will have full RS232 2 way communication and a solid API in place. We have released another Ver 2.0  of xLobby with live Infinity  demo’s accessable right from the xLobby interface, this new build also has a few bug fixes.

Infinity is a Los Angeles based company with a strong presence in the CCTV market. There website is at .

You must first go to this website in internet explorer and install an active x control in order to use the demo inside xLobby.

Goto this web address and install the active x when prompted, you only need to do this once.

Click Here to vist the live CCTV Cams to Install the activex control

You are now ready to use the CCTV demo from the main xLobby menu under more.

Note, selecting individual cameras are only available by selecting Camera Views (1) first then select individual cameras 1-16. The live website DVRS are as follows, number 1 is a 4 channel unit, number 2 is a 8 channel unit and number 3 is a 16 channel unit. The CCTV menu is optomized for a resolution of 1024 x 768. If you use other resolutions the Camera window may not be scaled properly. Also the remote control to the left will only work if you have the real DVR installed in your home or office.

The remote to the left is works directly with the DVR by using a usb-uirt. We have also included the ir codes under the skin folder WACI ir files for controlling the recorders using the WACI-NX or the WACI-POD.

All types of pan tilt and zoom fuctions are possible, this current demo does not have these features shown or included, but they do work if needed.


Wes Black \ Calrad