Last Release of Ver 2.0

Saturday February 2nd will be the last release of xLobby Ver 2.0, with beta releases of Ver 3.0 scheduled for the end of February. Below is a list of some of the final fixes + features in Ver 2.0.

All of the features listed below will also make it into xLobby Ver 3.0 .

1. Fixed Database Plugin issues. See post: 

 2. IP Radio and Traffic interfaces are working better and are not holding the menu or events hostage.

3. Video size\scaling feature added to the Media Player for movies, works for 16:9 widescreen playback only, 4:3 is not adjustable at the moment. Presss F5 five times, while in media player full screen, to increase vertical height keep pressing F5, to shrink Vertical Height press F6, Decrease Horizontal Width press F7, Decrease Horizontal width press F8 to increase width, F9 Zoom in, F10 Zoom out, F11 will Reset back to factory default. Restarting xLobby will save the new video size settings.

4. New DVD copy Plugin Ver 1.80, Support for DVDFab HD Decrypter Ver 4.0

5. Added simple support for lock or unlock of touchscreen from the Controls overlay the button press events can be shown or hidden when pressed depending on the type of button selected for the number images. Ver 3 will have a set value field of the an access code and buttons can be assigned a  ID to reference each number in the sequence. Default Code is (1492).

6. Clean Touchscreen Button under controls overlay menu for cleaning Touchscreens without triggering events.

7. F2, Under (Misc), Touchscreen (Hide Mouse Cursor) will now hide the mouse cursor if enabled.

8. F2, Under (Misc) Play Button Sounds can now enabled or disable button sounds.

9. New menu layouts showing some new integration progress for (1) ELK  products like Security, HVAC. Several Russound interface Menu’s. Calrad’s 40-965M 8 x 8 Component Video Matrix Switcher example Menu.  Irrigation Sample Menu using Rain8net or other RS232 products.

10. Added Actor and Director under Search,  Filters menu in Movies.

11. Several improvements to Movies media playback engine.

Licensed xLobby users can access the new release under My xLobby 


Steven will upload the new build sometime Saturday afternoon. If I left anything off of this list I will amend this post. So you may want to look at this page again for changes.

Thanks for everyones continued support of xLobby.

Wes Black \ Steven Hanna \ Calrad