xLobby SYNCH Technology

What is xLobby SYNCH technology ? it is a management system the provides several options to 1. Backup all your xLobby content from your primary storage drives to an external hard drive or NAS hard drive system, if the primary storage drives with content fail you have a complete and updated backup to restore the content to a new hard drive or drives, 2. The SYNCH technology can expand the amount of xLobby systems that can share content on a single networked solution.
The diagram 1A. shows a media content delivery setup for 12 xLobby systems and two NAS drives. Six xLobby units are each mapped to a different NAS drive for media content. In the past only 6 xLobby machines could reliably pull content from a single NAS drive due to the large data handling demands placed on the NAS hardware without causing data latency issues and undeliverable or dropped data packets of movie content data to the individual xLobby client hardware, this limited the amount of clients that could share the same content, not anymore.

Using xLobbys new SYNCH technology you can now store the same content on a single NAS drive or several NAS drives and xLobby will automatically manage how the content is copied to another NAS drive or external hard drive for purposes of backup or duplicating files to expand the content delivery beyond the limitations of a single NAS solution. Several options allow the content to be SYNCHED by a scheduled time or immediately after new content is stored into the system. Media content can be stored into the NAS-1 drive from any of the twelve xLobby systems individually or simultaneously. SYNC details like time and percentage complete can be populated in the xLobby skin using new variables so users can see when the system is running xLobbys SYNCH technology. Additional features include automatic scheduling xLobby SYNCH times and instant SYNCH when new content is added the copy or backup process starts immediately, for instant content matching. Instant SYNCH is subject to individual hardware setups and the time frame to backup the content will vary from system to system.

The xLobby SYNCH technology can perform backup jobs for any files on the network. Program the xLobby SYNCH system to backup your downloaded ITunes Movie, Music library or any shared resource on your network like TIVO. Remember you can program it to do multiple backups. Even program it to move only new media content to an external hard drive so when you go on a trip you have the most current media with you.

Current SYNCH details include.

1. Source and Destination path details.

2. Status of file transfer, details of how many files.

3. Estimated time left with file transfer comparison information.

4. Data transfer rate in Kb/Sec.

5. Overview list box of file transfer State, Name, Source, Destination, Progress.
The xLobby SYNCH technology will be updated on a regular basis with new features and improvements as the xLobby V3 platform moves forward. Any updates or xLobby V3 improvements can be obtained from the xLobby update system under Alt + F2, Update tab. Any further news and information on xLobby V3 platform (SYNCH) will be posted on the  xLobby website.

xLobby Synch Technology

xLobby SYNCH Diagram

PDF File Link:  xLobby Synch Technology

synch 2-17-2010 6-47-14 PM

Early Screenshot of SYNCH menu

synch under altf2

Alt+F2 setup menu for xLobby SYNCH

The SYNCH technology features should be available in the next xLobby V3 release. This news post is subject to changes and updates.

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