xLobby Next Release Preview

Just a few items that will be available in the next xLobby V3 release.

xLobby Button Auto Repeat

New Auto Repeat check box

The new Auto Repeat feature when checked will allow any event tied to a button or element when pressed will repeat the event until released. This new feature is helpful for controling and interacting with the GUI and interfacing with external devices.

1. Using a touchscreen provides users the ability to press a button and  have IR controlled volume controls for stereo receivers ramp volumes up or down without having to repeatidly press the button for the event to send an IR command.

2. (Lighting Automation) Allows for static buttons when pressed to ramp lighting levels up or down.

xLobby keep aspect ratio

New Keep Aspect Ratio check box

When checked will maintain image aspect ratio’s in xLobby databases. You will have to recreate your thumbnails to make this feature work.

xLobby Win Ver Background filename

New Variables added under Variables in the skin editor.

Background filename (Displays the name of the current xLobby menu background), Windows Version (Displays the name of the current windows OS) Drag these new variables on to any menu.

filters new

New Filters Menu for Movies and Music

1. Filter for no covers

2. Filter by star ratings or star ratings +

A new default field has also been added to every database item, this field
is called “[Unknown]“. You can see the use of this field on the new
“filter” screen for movies. You will also see this field when doing
searches, it will be located on the very last page of a search,
anything that cannot be found related to a specific search field will
be put into this unknown group. This means you could do a search to
show all the movies with unknown genres if you wanted. I highly
recommend looking at the local events on the new moviesquick screen
for an actual real world application of  “[Unknown]”

More Features

3. New variable to return Windows OS version: “%xlobby>windowsversion%”

4. Current zone audio volume control, like master volume but for the current audio zone. See this forum post http://xlobby.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=50509#50509

5.  Allow Backup Folder for xLobby to Be Specified under F2.

6.  Add ability to filter by star ratings in Movies.

This news post is subject to changes and updates.

Wes Black