xLobby now has the ability to directly support 12 or more discrete IR ports that are individualy selectable from the skin editor (Optional hardware required). Existing standard xLobby client and server hardware supports 3 zones, or a optional 4 port mirrored IR distribution card. Using Calrads IR distribution products can provide a flexable and powerful IR control system.


xLobby multiple IR ports

xLobby 12 Zone discrete IR control hardware diagram

PDF File link: xLobby multiple IR ports

xLobby multiple uirt screenshot

xLobby 12 Zone IR selection screenshot


Calrad IR distribution news post links:




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Use Calrads IR distribution products to expand any of the 12  discrete IR zones.

92167 Front

Calrad 92-167 IR distribution block front view

92167 Rear

Calrad 92-167 IR distribution block rear view

92-167 PDF Link: 92-167



xLobby can also be used as a universal IR translator for example:

1. Receive a  single IR command and have it trigger any other Ir, service, RS232 event or macro stored in the system.

2. Receive a single IR command and convert it to any RS232 trigger or IP UDP command, WACI control.

3. Use the xLobby RS232 port and convert RS232 events into IR triggers.


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