xLobby’s mini client can control lighting for a simple home theater installation. Using the mini client with a NAS solution for storing Movies and UPB carrier based lighting technology you can create a inexpensive but simple method to provide full 2 way  lighting control in a single room or home theater environment. xLobby can turn the lights off or preset them to any desired lighting level when a movie title is played and then turn them back on to any desired lighting scene when a movie is finished. Also direct control of the lighting switches are available from the xLobby lighting menu screen using a touchscreen or directly using a IR remote to access lighting, even simple scheduled programs can be created for daily, or weekly lighting events.


UPB™ uses low frequency, spread spectrum technology which produces a very strong signal. In addition, UPB™ uses true 2-way communications, allowing devices to reveal their status to each other. This feedback, that commands have been successfully executed, results in reliable communications—greater than 99% accurate!


UPB offers a flexible and scalable technology that can create small or large scale electrical and lighting control systems.

Lower Total Cost:

UPB™ sizes existing powerlines, eliminating the need to pre-wire or pull new wire to install a system. Additionally, during the installation of typical PLC products, service callbacks are needed to install filters or repeaters to fix reliability issues. Because UPB™ products work right the first time, installers deploy once and no more service callbacks are required. The end result is a reduction of cost and significantly increased customer satisfaction.

High Speed:

Supports .3 second response time or 10 full commands per second which is 20 to 40 times faster than other PLC technologies. This increase in speed delivers a lighting control system that is responsive to the touch.

Using the (PIM-U) Powerline Interface Module connected to xLobby via USB, signals travel using exixting electrical lines to the wall switches (WS1D) to control each lighting zone.

Simple UPB Lighting Example:

xLobby Mini Setup with upb lighting

PDF File: xLobby Mini Setup with upb lighting

Pulseworx website: http://pulseworx.com/


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