Some new features and improvements have been added to the next V3 release as well a some bug fixes.

New Features:

1. The ability to copy and paste a button and not have the events or button id reference copied, (Paste No Events). The standard Paste button when used will still copy all the button attributes (Events and Button ID).

2. Copy any element on a menu and paste the element exactly where ever the mouse cursor is on the screen.

3. Menu fade in and out effects

4. The ability to have motion video , (WMV) files playing in the background with options and settings


1. When selecting any element on a menu, the event editor events will reflect the event tied to that specific button. This change also makes it easy to modify a buttons events much easier.

2. Protected Import progress menu of any database xLobby uses with improved progress bar.

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The actual V3 has fluid and clean video playback for the background. xLobby hardware should have and use hardware based video cards in order to reduce CPU usage and provide a clean interface. The videos shown here are not smooth because I rendered this on my older laptop, but this should provide you with the basic concept.

Main Menu with Snow Flakes Background

Click on Link to play video (1Mb .SWF File): xlobby-moving-background-1

Music Flow wih Energy Background

Click on Link to play video (1Mb .SWF File): xlobby-moving-background-2

Wes Black