V3 Update

I know we posted news on a V3 release 2 weeks ago but we ran into some minor bugs and interface issues that we wanted to correct first as well as adding a few new important items. As you can tell the website is also undergoing some changes.

Updated list about xLobby V3

1. Drag and drop events

2. Right click with edit functions

3. New skin editor design environment with new features

4. Calendar based event management

5. Builtin speech engine with user definable TTS events

6. Rotating background images option

7.  Skin preview window

8. Lock items in the skin editor

9. Button graphic images shown in list view

10. Single, Group, Multiple Element editing functions

11. Russound, UPB-PCS, Insteon full 2 way services

12. Bookmark for the DVD media player, prompts users to start at the beginning of a movie or the last position the movie was stopped. Requires 5 minutes into each title for this feature to work.

13. Rename or delete Movie titles in the movie library from the user interface

14. Automatically read DVD titles from the disk before importing to the movie library

15. Next and previous page buttons in the spider menus for movies and music

Steven will post more details on fixes, features for xLobby V3 when it is ready for download under the My xLobby section. We are trying to get a build with the new lighting and russound services out over this weekend.

Wes Black