Latest xLobby Releases V2, V3

Paid version xLobby customer updates are available under your myxLobby section, a new xLobby V2 release and a xLobby V3 alpha release.

Some new features and fixes.

Final V2 Release rev Q (+wma tag bug) (+streaming ip radio fix, manage dvds delete/rename, vista volume mute fix, Auto Copy DVD option that gets movie titles from the IFO file and or the DVD root directory title and automatically goes directly to the ripping process with auto coverartwork population available soon for total hands free dvd ripping, other small fixes. 

V3, Alt + F2Setup menu is in trasition to Alt + F5 so items are split, eventually the shortcut for Setup will be Alt + F2 again.

During this week this news post will be constantly updated, so check back for further details.



xLobby Movie Spider menu with new previous and next page buttons


xLobby new rename, delete movie title spider menu


xLobby Movie title rename menu


xLobby Setup Menu with Auto Copy DVD option


Wes Black