xLobby control of Beyond TV

xLobby can control Snapsteams Beyond TVs interface directly thru xLobbys window send message commands. The Beyond TV Group and events are posted in the My xLobby Add-Ons download section.

1. Control Beyond TV from xLobbys interface

2. Control Beyond TV with Beyond TVs menu window visible

3. Control Beyond TV with xLobbys thin client

4. Control Beyond TV with xLobbys Xnet


xLobby events to control Beyond TV


xLobby Main Menu with Beyond TV launch button


xLobby Beyond TV Remote Control Overlay


xLobby Beyond TV Remote Control menu with Beyond TV running in window mode


xLobby Beyond TV Remote Control Menu


Samsungs Q1 running xLobbys thin client to remote control Beyond TV

Some interesting communication possibilities can be achieved. If you come up with other ideas or create some additional applications using this you can post it on the forum below.


Using the new webserver command will allow you to send Beyond TV remote control commands to other xLobby machines on a network. The example belows provides the concept but for music playback control.

5. Web Server Command: This is a much needed command and will provide users the ability to send events from any xLobby machine to another with individual password protection. xLobby Machine 1, For example under F2, XNet, start the webserver on any machine you want to send commands to, write down the Server started ip address and port numbers. Now on another xLobby machine connected on the same network, lets say xLobby Machine 2 create a test menu and add 5 new buttons for testing labeled add 5 new events called 1. Next Track, 2. Track Previous, 3. Play Album, 4. Volume Up, 5. Volume Down . So now lets say we want to play and album and then change the track selection or volume on xLobby Machine 1.

xLobby Machine 2, under F2, Skins, create a new group label it Remote Server Command xlobby Machine 1, add 5 new events called 1. Next Track, 2. Track Previous, 3. Play Album, 4. Volume Up, 5. Volume Down . Under commands goto Web Server Command enter the IP address and port number into the first field from xLobby Machine 1, in the next field add the server password from xLobby Machine 1, now add the next field add the event group you want, example (Music) and in the next field add the Event Name you want to execute (Play Album, Next Track, Mute, etc). So lets create the event to trigger start play album on xLobby Machine 1, enter the server and password information, now in the Event Group field add Music, in the Event Name field add Play Album. Next goto your test menu and in the skin editor select the Play Album button, under the event tab of the skin editor, click event add the event for Play Album. Exit the Skin Editor and the press the Play Album button on the menu and Music should begin to play on xLobby Machine 1.


Wes Black