Blu-Ray & Reg DVD playback

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Blu-Ray & Reg DVD playback

Postby lpg on Mon Mar 17, 2008 2:32 am

I finally got the movie player to play a disc in the local drive. My challenge is to mount an iso drive and play a movie from my server. Is the Daemon tools load working anymore?

In my final setup I have two drives one plain dvd and one Blu-ray & HDdvd Drive as well as a server. I can use the internal player for everything but the HD movies.

So I need to:
    To play iso movies from my server
    Play rented DVD's from my dvd drive
    Use PowerDVD Ultra to play the HD movies in the HD Drive
    Ultimately I would like to play HD movies from the server

I was able to do the first two with the old versions of Xlobby before the internal player was created. Am I expected to move away from daemon tools and iso formated files? I know that I will have to format the HD files in an iso format and mount them with Daemon because PDVD will not play remote files anymore.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

As a side note: I did create a few graphs with ffdshow and AC3 combination. I will also plan to load theatertek and creat graphs with the nvidia codecs. Where should I send these?

Thanks Larry
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Re: Blu-Ray & Reg DVD playback

Postby wesblack on Mon Mar 17, 2008 4:02 am


You can send any files you want to share with me and I will post them on the xLobby website, with credit to you for the files. I have the Blu-Ray optical players and now I am waiting for our own 1080P HDMI graphic cards which is on its way, so we can start to build a few systems to get in line for Blu-Ray in xLobby Ver 3.0.

My E-Mail:

Thanks for contributing.

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