Using multiple Calrad 95-2035 amplifiers provide a low cost solution for multi-room audio systems. Using a Zigen AX-88, 8×8 audio matrix switcher that provides a simple method to manage stereo analog low level audio sources to 8 different zones. The AX-88 provides independent channel control over Volume, Muting,  Treble, Bass, Lip- Sync. The AX-88 can be controlled by xLobby using IR, RS3232 or IP UDP commands. This type of system combined with xLobby’s xPad-webserver interface provides a simple method to interact with multizone audio systems for home or commercial use.

Zigen website:

AX-88 Manual in PDF format. 2.5Mb: Zigen AX-88


Calrad 95-2035 25 Watt Stereo Amplifier

95-2035 Inwall Amplifier

95-2035 Brochure

PDF File Link: 95-2035 25 Watt Stereo Amplifier

95-2035  multiple Amp Setup

95-2035 Multizone Audio Diagram

95-2035  Multiple Amp Setup With Baluns

95-2035 Multizone Audio With 95-1046 Audio Baluns Diagram

95-2035  multiple Amp Setup with baluns, inwall volume controls

95-2035 Multizone Audio With 95-1046 Audio Baluns and 25-361 In-Wall Volume Controls Diagram

xLobby Control Screens

Zigen Basic Audio Control Screen

Zigen Basic Multizone Audio Control Menu

Zigen Basic Source Selection Screen

Zigen Basic Source Selection Control Menu

Zigen Android Control

Native xPad Android Control

Zigen iPad Control

xPad iPad Control

Learn more about xLobby xPad (Webserver), Android native application.



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