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Introducing Calrad’s new powerfull web server based control platform the xLobby xPad with un-resticted device licenses, use as many devices as you want on a sysyem. This will be the last control system you or your customers will ever need. The xLobby xPad sysem is easy to setup and use without the requirement for complicated hardware or extensive training and programming for basic installations. We created a simple step by step setup process for creating a project with a home start screen, individual room screens  and a device editor for all the project control elements. Step outside the basic design elements and extensive  features and tools are available to create endless possibilities with any product or device hardware that can be controlled using industry standard RS232, IR, IP protocols. Remotely login to your xLobby xPad system and make changes or perform remote service calls. Read the detailed brochure below for all the features and details of the system.

xLobby xPad Simple Home Menu

Simple Home Control Menu, (iPad)

xLobby xPad Devices Menu

Simple Room Devices Control Menu, (iPad)

xLobby xPad iPad Simple Receiver Control

Simple Receiver Control Menu, (iPad)

 xLobby xPad Brochure, Availale in PDF below or in printed form

xLobby Control Brochure Cover page 1

Front Cover, Page 1

xLobby Control Brochure Inside Cover page 2

Inside Cover, Page 2

xLobby Control Brochure Inside Cover page 3

Inside Cover, Page 3

xLobby Control Brochure Cover page 2

Back Cover, Page 4

PDF File Link: xLobby Control Brochure xPad

 xPad Control Systems

xLobby Universal Remote Control System 95-IPADCS

Entry Level Control System, Part Number: 95-IPADCS

PDF File Link: xLobby Universal Remote Control System 95-IPADCS


xLobby Universal Remote Control System 95-IPADCS-1

Mid Level Control System, Part Number: 95-IPADCS-1

PDF File Link: xLobby Universal Remote Control System 95-IPADCS-1


xLobby Universal Remote Control System 95-IPADCS-2

Mid Level 2 Control System, Part Number: 95-IPADCS-2

PDF File Link: xLobby Universal Remote Control System 95-IPADCS-2


13xLobby Universal Remote Control System using Global Cache

Example Illustration of using Global Cache Products, part no: IP2IR for 30 Zone discrete IR control. All the power for the devices are POE (Power Over Ethernet) supplied from a POE type switch, eliminating 10 wall wart power transformers.

global cache GC-ITACH-IP2IR

Global Cache, GC-ITACH-IP2IR IP based (3 IR Ports)


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Wes Black

Calrad’s new economy CCTV video baluns are perfect for delivering Audio, Video, PTZ signals over Cat5e, Cat6 UTP cabling. Rugged black PVC plastic housings.

95-1038-S, 95-1041-S Baluns Brochure


PDF File Link: 95-1038-S, 95-1041-S Baluns Brochure


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We Black

Calrad will be introducing new ATSC HDTV antenna’s for over the air HDTV signals in the next few months. Below is our introductory model no. 75-700 Indoor\Outdoor Amplified ATSC HDTV Antenna.

HDTV Indoor Outdoor Antenna (1)

75-700 HDTV Indoor Outdoor Antenna 

 PDF File Link: 75-700 HDTV Indoor Outdoor Antenna

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Calrad continues to add new adapters and cables for all types of existing and new technologies. These new DisplayPort and Mini Displayport adapters support Apple products including the iPad, Itouch, iPhone 30 pin connector adapter to HDMI. 

Calrad Display Port-Video Adapters

PDF File Link: Calrad Display Port-Video Adapters

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The 40-40AN2800 USB to HDMI® Video Display Adapter enables you to connect additional monitors, LCD or projector to a computer or xLobbyz with a USB 2.0 port. For desktop users adding an extra monitor via USB connection is easier than ever without having to open the computer chassis to install an internal video card. Works with all HDMI displays Supports High Resolution up to 1920 x 1080 Extend and Mirror mode supported, resumes from hibernation and suspend modes Supports up to 6 USB display adapters that can all work simultaneously.


40-40AN2800 Product Sheet

PDF File Link: 40-40AN2800 Product Sheet

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