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Mount your LCD or Plasma TV on the wall with this professionally designed bracket. The bracket tilts up and down from 15° to -15˚, so that you can adjust the display to the proper viewing angle.


47-115 Tilting Wall Bracket


Fits 23-37 inch LCD / Plasma television screens
Mounting hardware included
Solid heavy duty construction
Tilts up and down up to 15°
Variable adjustment for different flat panel sizes: Range of horizontal distance between screws: 1.97″ min – 18.30″ max  Range of vertical distance between screws: 2.95″ min – 12.99″ max
Maximum Weight Capacity: 165lbs (75kg)
Dimensions: 20″ x 13″ x 3″ TV to Wall: 3.15″ (83mm)

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Calrads new compact HDMI 1.3b 5 x 1 switcher with external IR receiver. Works with all xLobby equipped HDMI graphic cards.

40-993 brochure

 PDF File Link: 40-993 brochure

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The Calrad 72-141 POE Adapters allows DC power to be injected into a standard Cat5e ethernet cable to provide power to devices that conform to this standard directly from within the RJ45 connnector or the optional DC coax power connector. You can also use these adapters to go outside the POE standard and provide ethernet connectivity to set top boxes, IP based televisions and use the power path (2 pairs) for other devices outside the standard like video baluns, IR products, audio preamps or low wattage amplifiers, the recommended voltages are 5Vdc, 12Vdc not to exceed 1.5 amps. Cable distance will also effect the powered device because of the voltage drop (resistance in the cable) and this will directly effect how current is delivered at the other end of the cable. Most low current devices (0-500ma) are fine up to 200-300 ft., higher current devices (500ma-1.5A) will only work up to about 100 ft.. Every device will behave slightly different to voltage-current requirements so some experimentation may be required.  A 24 gauge wire has 2.5 ohms of resistance for 100 feet and the resistance is around 0.125 ohms for 5 ft.. The adapters should only carry DC and not AC voltage.

POE Information:

72-141 Brochure

PDF File Link: 72-141 Brochure

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92-150 IR Emitter Cover

Calrad IR Emitter Cover, sold in bulk or packaged, Part No: 92-150 Single, 92-150-2 (2pk), 92-150-5 (5pk)

IR emitter covers can increase the signal reliability to the components you wish to control with this Emitter Shield Cover. The Designer IR emitter head slides right into the open area of the shield cover and both can be attached (using the pre-installed adhesive) over the IR window of the electronic component you are trying to control. The cover works to block out IR signals coming from other emitters or remote controls that may cause interference with the component you are trying to control. The cover can also secure and hide a visible flashing emitter that disturbs customers. The plastic cover can be cut to fit a specific area.

92-150 (1)

92-150 Emitter Cover

92-150 (2)

92-150 Emitter Cover with IR Emitter exposed

92-150 (3)

92-150 Emitter Cover with IR Emitter covered


92-150 Emitter Cover attached to a DVD player

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40-1076 group shot

Calrad’s new In-Wall Designer Style balun with IR control-extender, works with HDTV signals up to 1080P.


 40-1076 Brochure

PDF File link: 40-1076 Brochure

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Calrad has added a new line of wall mounts and created the 47 Series products. This series will continue to expand to meet the demands and changes in the display market place.

wall bracket brochure

PDF File link: Calrad 47 Series wall mounts brochure

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xLobby iPort Integration

xLobby can now communicate directly to the iPort product line. We are moving the xLobby external control services applications and building the them directly into the core xLobby.exe. The existing external xLobby services for (Lighting, Russound,  xController) will continue to work normally.  A new item Called Devices under the Show Menu in the skin editor that provides a new simple method for creating interfaces automatically for 3rd party products. The concept is simple select the product device and model number from the menu and xLobby will automatically generate a new device control page with all the control codes behind every button for either IR or RS232 control. You can easily create duplicate device pages using the same type of device for different area. For example look at the xLobby iPort integration diagram below. xLobby can control 4 different iPort docking stations independently using 4 RS232 ports. The iPort interface is quick and simple to navigate because we cache the RS232 data between the iPort and xLobby hardware, this provides a realtime experience to the user. The interface can be modified in the Skin editor just like any menu in xLobby.

iPort Website:

iPort FS232 Interface Diagram

Basic Diagram xLobby iPort Integration


Skin Edior iPort Setup Menu Screenshot

xLobby iPort Screenshot 2

Working iPort Menu Template Screenshot

Video: iPort Video


iPort FS-22 Table Top Dock

FS-22 Rear Dock

iPort FS-22 Table  Top Dock, Rear View

iPort IW2

iPort IW-22 Inwall Dock

WS-22 Rear Dock 2

iPort IW-22 In-Wall Dock, Rear View

This news post is subject to updates and changes.

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Using Calrad’s 8 Port IR Receiver hub provides a simple method to connect multiple IR receivers from different locations to output IR commands into a single IR block.

92-168 Brochure


PDF file link: 92-168 Brochure

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