Lutron Electronics has begun shipping a new thermostat for their RadioRA 2 system.

With this addition, the system now controls 60 percent or more of a home’s energy use, including lights, shades, stand-by power from small appliances, and temperature.

Lutron’s RadioRA 2 system offers control of lights, shades, stand-by power from small appliances and now temperature, offering enhanced energy savings throughout the home. The system, which is scalable to 200 devices, operates via Lutron’s Clear Connect wireless.

The RadioRA 2 thermostat features a three-part design, including seeTemp (homeowner interface); a wireless temperature sensor; and the HVAC controller.

The RadioRA 2 system can be controlled from keypads and mobile devices, including the Apple iPad and Android devices or xLobbys xPad control system.

5.4 RadioRA2 Thermostat

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