Calrad’s 42-161 docking station can sync your iPad to iTunes or you can use it independently from the IR remote control for music, video, picture playback on your TV or home stereo system. Your iPad sits upright in the dock, so it’s perfect for use on a desk or counter top. It features a convenient stereo audio and composite video 3.5mm 4 conductor output jack, connect the dock to your system using the supplied 4 ft. interface cable. Use the 42-161 directly to your home stereo receiver or TV display, you can even use it as a digital picture frame while it’s charging. Use your iPad USB wall transformer to power the 42-161 dock and charge your iPad at the same time, if you connect the USB cable to a PC’s USB port this will only provide power to the docking station and will not charge your iPad. A switch on the rear of the docking station provides selection between the PC and a separate USB port that can be used to connect a USB keyboard, Camera or Card reader to your iPad.

42-161 iPad Docking Station

42-161 PDF File Link: 42-161 iPad Docking Station


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