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No need for bulky, room-filling speaker cabinets to enjoy your favorite music and movie soundtracks. Use these speakers by themselves or with a sub woofer system to provide a full range of sound to fill anyroom or space with audio so you can hear every note, every change and every beat with crystal, high-resolution clarity. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

 20-321-W, BK Brochure


20-321-BK, -W Brochure in PDF file format: 20-321-W, BK Brochure


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Calrad’s new 92-162 IR Receiver Tube provides a simple method for installing a IR receiver in A\V cabinets and furniture. 

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92-162 Brochure

92-162 Adobe Acrobat file link:  92-162 Brochure 

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Need to extend an HDMI signal over a distance but can’t run a cable? The Calrad Electronics 40-1097 transmits 1080P HDMI audio/video signals up to 100 feet wirelessly. The 40-1097 can transmit through walls – no line of sight necessary. The 40-1097 is comprised of a transmitter and a receiver with a auto-tracking smart antenna system that communicates in realtime to assure a perfect image, visually lossless HD audio and video. The 40-1097 HDMI wireless system is easy to install and simple to use.

40-1097 Wireless HDMI

40-1097 Wireless HDMI System Brochure in .pdf file format:

Link: 40-1097 Wireless HDMI 

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