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Calrads new 72-RJ45-T Solderless RJ45 inline adapter that provides a simple reusable solution for terminating Cat5e, Cat6 cabling in the field with just a pair of wire strippers and a 2mm slotted screwdriver. This product was the result of having repeated issues with customers who had improper-mis-wired terminations of standard RJ45 connectors in the field from start to finish resulting in many perceived failures of our balun based products and technologies. This solution provides users with the ability to re-configure/terminate the cable as many times as necessary or to resuse the connector  at any time as they see fit.

72-RJ45-T Product Brochure

PDF File Link: 72-RJ45-T Product Brochure


Wes Black

A rescent article in residential systems magazine regarding a theater installation for Jim Long founder of a music library company called FirstCom using xLobby and Calrad components for the homes Movie, Music media management system. The  theater space was designed by renovation architect, Carl Tatz.


Jim long Theater 1

xLobby Touchscreen shown on table with equipment at the rear of the theater

Jim Long Theater 2

xLobby Touchscreen shown on table facing the projection screen in the theater

xLobby Screenshot Jim Long

xLobby Interface Screenshot


Wes Black