xLobby V3 – 3.0.9297.7
0000093: [skin editor] groups buttons into “groups” (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000703: [triggers] added xlobby activity trigger, will occur when activity after 1 second of inactivity (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000702: [triggers] “any key” option added for keyboard trigger (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000701: [content playback] new VMR playback graph for vista, enables navigating full disc movies correctly (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000700: [triggers] triggers are now saved on exit in case they are enabled/disabled from the skin (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000697: [generic] webserver, url parameters added “width=100&height=100&screen=menu” (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000695: [skin editor] can’t edit a local event for category selection event (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000694: [skin editor] save new command description automatically instead of when “?” is clicked to close it (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000705: [skin editor] ir command drop down list did not populate (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000696: [setup] setup, webserver, width/height/auto refresh options added (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000368: [setup] Unable to size webserver in browser (stevenhanna6) – resolved.
0000706: [skin editor] plugin command drop down list did not populate (stevenhanna6) – resolved.


Wes Black

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