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Calrads new 40-979 Inductor based ground hum eliminator provides a high impedance barrier to AC power related ground currents, preventing hum or buzz in low level audio sound or hum bars in video systems, while providing a bi-directional path for 2 way digital set top boxes and cable modem signals. Works with all Analog, Digital, High Definition, Internet Modem systems.

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Meets FCC Part 76 Regulations for CATV systems
Bandwidth > 2Ghz, Low VSWR
Input-Output Impedance 75 ohms

What causes hum and ground loops?
Hum and ground loops are typically generated two ways 1) differences in voltage between equipment grounding points and 2) magnetic coupling. A long cable run may suffer from both problems, video equipment is not usually connected to the same ground terminal in different parts of a building and the cable may be run next to other wires and cable.


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xLobby Audio Visualizer Concept

xLobby V3 will eventually have more eye candy when we finally get time to exploit some of the new tools and possibilities for animating all the different graphic elements in the skin. So here is a sample of a spectrum type audio meter. The idea is it can be resized, moved, and tied to different events to allow it to be shown or hidden when needed.

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Below are two pages of lighting details from the new xlobby brochure due out at the end of May that shows xLobbys Insteon, UPB Lighting interfaces. We will be shipping complete xLobby systems bundled with pre-configured lighting products selected by each individual customers installation requirements, each system will be setup and tested before shipping. This type of service will provide out of the box installation without any programming for true plug and play type systems.


For further details and costs of xLobbys bundled lighting service, please contact Calrad. For additional details on our lighting partners products see the links below.

Insteon Information:

UPB-PCS Information:

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xLobby Product Demo Videos

A new Link labeled (Videos) under Gallery is now available for different xLobby product demos. We will be updating and adding new video files on a regular basis.

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Calrad is constantly updating the online Movie and Music library but there is so much content new and old, obviously we will be missing some titles that are more important to some individuals then others. Under the My xLobby section users now have the ability to now upload missing or different versions of Movie and Music titles and there metadata directly into the xLobbys online database. The first 10 uploads from any new user will be approved from us first to insure proper submissions, once we see that your entries are accurate and done correctly you can upload them directly without apporval and they will be instantly added to the core xLobby media databases. Below are some screenshots for your reference.

Actors and Directors should follow this text format\

Correct Example seperated by comma’s:
Lizzy Caplan, Jessica Lucas (II), T.J. Miller, Michael Stahl-David, Mike Vogel

Incorrect text format:
Lizzy Caplan
Jessica Lucas (II)
T.J. Miller
Michael Stahl-David
Mike Vogel


My xLobby user items.


Enter your Movie or Music Imagery and Metadata here.


Edit and Submit your content entry here.

Any suggestions on improving this interface or added features are always welcome.


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