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Images of Calrad Hardware & xLobby Systems

This area will be for xLobby users and Installers to show off there systems or installations as well as what they are doing with Calrad & xLobby hardware and xLobby software. Anyone interested in sending me images of there job with details on the installation, please E-Mail me directly so I can post them here. E-Mail:

Company: Custom Castle

Installer: Samson Lov

Installation: Installed in a home in excess of 10,00 sq. ft., 4 xLobby clients, 1 xLobby server. Multi-Room audio distribution with xLobby and russound, WACI IP control system, (2) 8 x 8 Component Video Matrix Switchers for multi-zone video distribution for (4) xLobby clients and (4) Satellite Receivers. The xLobby client chassis are not the typical xLobby units but cases the installer wanted to use for this installation, the xLobby server is shown as we sell it, with hot swappable drives, removable from the front with each drive having its own digital readout for temperature, hours of use, fan status.

One of three racks in the complete system, 2 of the midatlantic racks are on wheels and can move as needed.


Shown with 1-3/4″ pull out style drawer with 15″ monitor, keyboard and mouse for service and maintenance.


Calrad single Cat5e HDTV active Transmitter Balun distribution system for sending content out to all the displays in the system.


Additional Custom Castle Installations




Misc Picures of xLobby Home theater Installations

Hidden Motorized Calrad 10.4″ touch screen for complete home theater control.


Close-up View


xLobby Server Images



Samsung Wireless Q1 Tablet running xLobby used to command the xLobby control interface.


Company: Kandel Media Group

Installation: Installation of several pieces of Audio-Video equipment and a single client xLobby system displayed on a 50″ plasma located in the living room with a full 5.1 surround sound system.



3 Additional Kandel Media Installations




xLobby & System Integrators

As we work towards xLobby Ver 3.0 more information on certified xLobby installers and distributors will begin to appear on the xLobby website. I wanted to also show some screen shots of a Skin that Samson Lov from Custom Castle is working on, there offices are located in the L.A. area and are a certified xLobby installation company with numerous client server based xLobby installations. There support has been an important asset to xLobbies continued growth. Below are samples of Custom Castles screenshots.

Menu View Pictures


Menu View Movies


Menu Icon View


Menu List View


Multi-Zone Menu


Movie Library Menu


Music Library Menu


Music Artist Overlay


Spa Menu


Pictures Menu


Wes Black \ Calrad

xLobby Ver 2.0 & SHOUTcast

xLobby uses SHOUTcast Radio Ip Addresses for our online IP Radio.

You can use WinAmp to detect any of the SHOUTcast radio stations by clicking on the SHOUTcast station (Tune In) to launch WinAmp this will open and locate the URL file location, start by selecting View File Info from the File tab in Winamp, copy the URL address. Replace or make a new Radio Station event in xLobby, next create or edit a Stations name in the IP Radio Menu. Now copy the new file address into xLobby’s IP Radio address location in the Events, Skin, IP Radio, Play File.

Example Stream Address:

Shoutcast Website:


Wes Black \ Calrad

Infinity CCTV & xLobby

This is available to paid only xLobby users from there My xLobby accounts. We have created a basic control structure for our newest partner in DVR CCTV security products, Infinity CCTV. You can now control and view infinity DVR products inside xLobby. More advanced control and communications with there products will be available over the next few months when we will have full RS232 2 way communication and a solid API in place. We have released another Ver 2.0  of xLobby with live Infinity  demo’s accessable right from the xLobby interface, this new build also has a few bug fixes.

Infinity is a Los Angeles based company with a strong presence in the CCTV market. There website is at .

You must first go to this website in internet explorer and install an active x control in order to use the demo inside xLobby.

Goto this web address and install the active x when prompted, you only need to do this once.

Click Here to vist the live CCTV Cams to Install the activex control

You are now ready to use the CCTV demo from the main xLobby menu under more.

Note, selecting individual cameras are only available by selecting Camera Views (1) first then select individual cameras 1-16. The live website DVRS are as follows, number 1 is a 4 channel unit, number 2 is a 8 channel unit and number 3 is a 16 channel unit. The CCTV menu is optomized for a resolution of 1024 x 768. If you use other resolutions the Camera window may not be scaled properly. Also the remote control to the left will only work if you have the real DVR installed in your home or office.

The remote to the left is works directly with the DVR by using a usb-uirt. We have also included the ir codes under the skin folder WACI ir files for controlling the recorders using the WACI-NX or the WACI-POD.

All types of pan tilt and zoom fuctions are possible, this current demo does not have these features shown or included, but they do work if needed.


Wes Black \ Calrad 

Calrad is pleased to announce the first HDMI Ver 1.2, HDCP compliant Balun system using a single Cat5e, Cat6 cable. These devices can provide much longer cable distances then conventional HDMI wiring using new or pre-existing inexpensive solid conductor UTP Cat5e, Cat6 cables.

Download the product brochure below. ProductSheet.pdf


Wes Black \ Calrad

Last Release of Ver 2.0

Saturday February 2nd will be the last release of xLobby Ver 2.0, with beta releases of Ver 3.0 scheduled for the end of February. Below is a list of some of the final fixes + features in Ver 2.0.

All of the features listed below will also make it into xLobby Ver 3.0 .

1. Fixed Database Plugin issues. See post: 

 2. IP Radio and Traffic interfaces are working better and are not holding the menu or events hostage.

3. Video size\scaling feature added to the Media Player for movies, works for 16:9 widescreen playback only, 4:3 is not adjustable at the moment. Presss F5 five times, while in media player full screen, to increase vertical height keep pressing F5, to shrink Vertical Height press F6, Decrease Horizontal Width press F7, Decrease Horizontal width press F8 to increase width, F9 Zoom in, F10 Zoom out, F11 will Reset back to factory default. Restarting xLobby will save the new video size settings.

4. New DVD copy Plugin Ver 1.80, Support for DVDFab HD Decrypter Ver 4.0

5. Added simple support for lock or unlock of touchscreen from the Controls overlay the button press events can be shown or hidden when pressed depending on the type of button selected for the number images. Ver 3 will have a set value field of the an access code and buttons can be assigned a  ID to reference each number in the sequence. Default Code is (1492).

6. Clean Touchscreen Button under controls overlay menu for cleaning Touchscreens without triggering events.

7. F2, Under (Misc), Touchscreen (Hide Mouse Cursor) will now hide the mouse cursor if enabled.

8. F2, Under (Misc) Play Button Sounds can now enabled or disable button sounds.

9. New menu layouts showing some new integration progress for (1) ELK  products like Security, HVAC. Several Russound interface Menu’s. Calrad’s 40-965M 8 x 8 Component Video Matrix Switcher example Menu.  Irrigation Sample Menu using Rain8net or other RS232 products.

10. Added Actor and Director under Search,  Filters menu in Movies.

11. Several improvements to Movies media playback engine.

Licensed xLobby users can access the new release under My xLobby 


Steven will upload the new build sometime Saturday afternoon. If I left anything off of this list I will amend this post. So you may want to look at this page again for changes.

Thanks for everyones continued support of xLobby.

Wes Black \ Steven Hanna \ Calrad