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Wake On Lan Plugin

Defrag has created a really cool plugin and I wanted again to show appreciation for his hardwork and to all the individuals that continue to make Xlobby what it is.


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Wes Black \ Calrad

Technolobby Manga Skin

Andy finished his latest skin and is available for download. Thanks for sharing another Skin with everyone.

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Wes Black \ Calrad


About Calrad

Calrads website:

Based in Los Angeles, California Calrad Electronics was established in the early 1950’s and was one of a small hand full of companies distributing electronic products to consumers, hobbyists and professional sound engineers. The original name Calrad came from California Radio. Some manufacturing was done in the U.S. and eventually made it’s way off shore to Japan and to Taiwan and as today market trends dictate in China. Most of Calrad’s line of products are deigned and engineered here in the U.S..

Today Calrad’s product line has over 5,000 items and continues to serve our growing customer base. Our long history and active involvement in the electronics market place has consistently created new markets and products for our customers. Calrad maintains a large loyal customer base that continues to push us in many area’s of new product development and emerging technologies, such as the xLobby media management and control system.

Calrad serves many industries all with different needs, Consumers, Home Theater System Integrators, Pro-A\V, OEM as well as Aerospace and Medical markets. Calrad remains committed to quality products and customer service. We have many distributors who have both on line E-Commerce and walk in retail sales distribution.

Calrad Continues to grow and achieve success because of our strong foundation of building long term relationships with our customers and the friendly, personal hands on service they have received over the years.

We appreciate your continued support and hope you put Calrad at the top of your list when purchasing electronic products, parts & accessories.

Team Calrad


xLobby Partners

Powerline Control Systems, Inc.
19201 Parthenia St., Suite J
Northridge, CA 91324
Toll free: 888-701-9831
Phone: 818-701-9831
Fax: (818) 701-1506
Insteon, SmartLabs, Inc.
16542 Millikan Avenue
Irvine, CA 92606-5027
CCTV Products
Infinity Security Systems, Inc.
2530 Corporate Pl. Suite A108
Monterey Park, CA 91754
Tel: 323-526-0088
Fax: 323-526-0099
ELK Products, Inc.
Hildebran, N.C. 28637
Toll Free: 800-797-9355
Local: 828-397-4200
Fax: 828-397-4415
IP Based Control Systems
Aurora Multimedia,
205 Commercial Court
Morganville, NJ 07751
Tel: 732-591-5800
Fax: 732-5915801
Global Cache,
East California Street
PO Box 1659
Jacksonville, OR 97530
Tel: 541-899-4800
Fax: 541-899-4808
Multizone Audio Systems
Forbes Road
Newmarket, NH 03857
Tel: 603-659-5170

Russound designs and manufactures a complete range of multiroom audio-video systems, multichannel amplifiers, and loudspeakers. The company pairs powerful systems using the latest technologies with intuitive controls to give customers high-performance, easy-to-use solutions.


xLobby Faq.

Question: Can you customize the xLobby interface
Answer: Yes, xLobby has a builtin powerful skin editing system with easy to use tools, providing users the ability to modify or create any interface they want.
Question: Can other control systems be used with xLobby
Answer: Yes, xLobby can be controlled by Crestron, AMX, Universal Remote Control, Pronto, RTI among others including xLobbys own powerful control interface.
Question: How many clients can watch movies at the same time.
Answer: xLobby can support between 5-10 clients depending on the setup.
Question: How many DVD movies can I store on my xLobby Client system
Answer: The average DVD movie requires approximately 7 GB of storage. Therefore, you can expect to store approximately 60 DVDs on a 500 GB Disk drive with space for the xLobby OS and room for Music, Pictures, Videos. Additional drive storage can be added using external USB hard drives or by accessing xLobby servers or xLobby NAS (Network attached Storages) systems with larger storage capacities. Storage math: (60 Movies x 7GB ea.= 420GB) with 20GB for xLobby + OS leaving 60GB.
Question: How many audio CDs can I store on my xLobby Client system.
Answer: The average audio CD requires about 0.60 gigabytes of storage. Therefore, you can expect to store approximately 800 CDs on a standard 500 GB drive minus 20GB of space for the OS with no room for Movies, Pictures. Storage Math: (800 Cds x 0.60MB ea.= 480GB) . 832 CDs can be stored on a 500GB external drive.
Question: What input devices does xLobby support.
Answer: xLobby supports IR remotes, Touchscreens, PS2, IR-RF Mouse & Keyboard.
Question: How long does it take to import a DVD or CD?
Answer: DVDs take between 7-9 minutes, CDs between 2-3 minutes.
Question: What is the xlobby Music & Movie spider?
Answer: xLobby has its own online database of Movie & Music titles with prestine cover artwork and Movie details. Users can access xLobbys online database to select which title matches there content. xLobby also uses multiple online websites to access as a backup method to obtain cover artwork and content information.
Question: Does xLobby support Multi-Zone audio.
Answer: Yes xLobby client or server based products support up to 4 audio streams with individual music track assignment and volume controls. xLobby provides Stereo analog audio outputs for use with a standard stereo amplifier or Russounds CAM, CAV products or any other muti-zone audio control systems.
4 Zones of independent Audio from xLobby

4 Zones of Audio Synced to any one of the 4 independent Zones


Question: What Video output resolutions are supported by xLobby.
Answer: xLobby supports HDTV 480P, 720P, 1080I for component and DVI-HDMI Video outputs. Our new HDMI 1080p graphic cards will be available sometime in April 2008.
Question: What types of Touchscreens does xLobby support.
Answer: xLobby supports both serial RS232 and USB type. Touchscreen Forum Topic:
Question: Can xLobby password protect menu items.
Answer: Yes.
Question: How do you delete a Album title permanetly from the Music database.
Answer: Navigate to the Generic Music menu, Select the artist, the track overlay menu will load, select the button labeled ” Delete Album”, this will prompt you yes\no to permanetly delete the Album from the database.
Question: What type of universal remotes can control xLobby.
Answer: The xLobby client or server can be controlled with just about any universal remote. Depending on the capabilities of the remote, control may be simple 1-button actions to get to specific places in the xLobby interface, or may be more general and require multiple button presses to get to a specific Menu. A complete Hex code file is availabe for our standard remote control, part number 95-1070.


Certified xLobby Installers


Abra Low Voltage
Tel: (619) 876-8798

AVI Audio Visual Installations
9330 West Airport Blvd, Suite 170
Houston, TX. 92683
Tel: 713-666-6809

Fax: 713-666-6809

Audio & Video Simplified
15568 Brookhurst St #340
Westminster, CA 77031

Bang & Olufsen (Old Pasadena)
169 West Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91105
United States
Tel: (626) 449-5172
Fax: (626) 449-5182

Blue Phoenix Technologies
5694 Mission Center RD #324
San Diego, CA 92108-4312
United States
Tel: (877) 290-8469
Fax: (619) 749-7719

Cosmos Sound, Lighting and Video
6060 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028
Tel: (323) 957-1200

Custom Castle
5764 San Vicente Blvd Suite 403
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Tel: (310) 995-4441

Defined Entertainment Design
2696 Lavery Court Ste. #5
Newbury Park, CA 91320
Tel: (805) 376-0052
Fax: (805) 376-0053

1801 Diamond Street, Suite 103
San Marcos, CA 92078
Tel: (760) 891-0571
Fax: (760) 891-0576

Extreme Audio Video Source
26266 Campbell Ct.
Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381
Tel: (818) 262-6899

Johnson Audio Visual
2483 Herring Ditch road
Chesapeake, Virginia, 23323
Tel: 757-373-4990

Illuminating Concepts
222 West 21st St.
Norfolk, VA 23517
Tel: 757-965-3895

Noho Plasma
4822 Vineland Ave.
Northhollywood, CA 91601
Tel: (866) 421-1438, (310) 988-8944

R. Kandel Media Group
Los Angeles, California
Contact: Robyn Kandel
Tel: (818) 366-4039
Fax: (818) 363-2599, E-Mail:

Seymour Construction
Contact: Jason Seymour
Tel: 818-297-4994
Los Angeles, California

Triumph Sound & Vision
30029 Torrepines Place
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Tel: 818-968-8288

Ultimate Installations
21143 Hathore Blvd #311
Torrance, CA 90503
Tel: 310-667-6483

Wired for Sound
825 Wilshire Blvd. #531
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Tel: 310-829-4603



Orca Security
Unit #111, 8988 Fraserton Crt
Burnaby, BC, V5J 5H8
Tel: 604.431.8803
Fax: 604.431.8489, Website:


Authorized xLobby Distributors

United States

Volutone Distributing

Electronic City
4001 W. Burbank Blvd, Burbank
CA 91505
Tel: (818) 842-5275


JDUB Electronics
7625 Camden Circle
Reno, Nv. 89506
Tel: 775-225-2485
Fax: 775-677-8960

Norfolk Wire & Cable
Tel: 757-631-8500


Swanson Agency
Maple Ridge, Canada, Tel: (604) 290-3118

Plan B
119 boul. Brunswick, Suite 300
Pointe Claire, QC H9R 5N2
Tel: (514) 694-4999


Available soon…….


AndyG TouchScreen Skins

I am pleased to offer 2 versions of my skin for your enjoyment

It weighs in at a hefty 17.36MB. The fonts you need are in the Resource folder. I hope you like it. Comments as ever, good or bad welcome.
AndyG Technolobby Touch

You will need the plugins Xshout (in plugin config set stations to 5) and Xmusic (milkdrop 1 needed for winamp vis). Fonts u need i have included in rescource folder.I hope you like it (i do!), alot of work has gone in to making it as professional and user friendly as i could get it. There was alot of photoshop involved.


xLobby offers a Flexible Control Interface, Ease of Use, Comfort & Convenience, Peace of Mind. Make xLobby the Nucleus of your Home Media Management and Control System.

xLobby Features

Skin Editor Menu

xLobby provides all the tools necessary to modify create and design any style interface you want, with all the controllability you need. The interface can be simple or as complex as your installation dictates or evolve as your design requirements change. The complete interface development tools and structure of xLobbys skin editor are built-in to the software for quick and easy access from anywhere in the system, we call this a Run Time Skin Editor. You can simply drag & drop or select items to create new Buttons, Images Backgrounds and have full control over there initial size or scale up or down in size, move, rename, re-assign different commands to them, all on the fly in real time.

Main Menus items on the default skin can be hidden or shown as well as password protected, this provides each user with access to content they want to navigate to as well as eliminates any content or menu’s that are not important to them. xLobby is preloaded with a extensive graphic image and button library for creating different skins, even transparent overlay menus. A pop up Help balloon system is available to assist users in the setup and design tools environment when needed.

We make adding the same features to different menus as easy as copy & paste. If you want to create your own menu with different items and or functions, you can build them from scratch or copy them from other menus in the system. The internal setup menu provides access to all the controllability of xLobby as well as building and creating the logic that goes behind the interface for menu’s, buttons and graphic imagery. The flow of how xLobby navigation of menu’s and buttons interact can also be configured.

xLobby can provide different levels of control for content management from 1 client to multiple clients, server installations to whole home automation. Careful consideration of each system to operate alone or together is what makes xLobby unique, by providing an integrated control system from one interface users can jump from a music menu or from playback of a movie right into a menu that controls the lighting system or to looking at the security cameras. The ability of xLobby to control external devices using standard RS232, IR or IP protocol commands enables the system to communicate with virtually any device.

xLobby Setup

The xlobby setup menu is accessable by the Keyboard shortcut ALT+F2. In this menu you can configure xLobbys management and playback of digital media as well as the many settings required to run the xLobby GUI and control system.


Built into xLobby is a rather sophisticated audio management system. It will scan your entire audio collection and create a database based off this information. And if your missing some cover art for your album it has a built in cover art downloader. Music is played back using xlobbys internal player or external players like winamp, and doing so allows you to configure it with any of the many freely available plugins. Search music by Album Name, Artist Name, Track Name, Genre, Year. Create custom playlists, load and mix various saved playlists for new listening experiences.



Another built in management system for movies is included with xlobby. Not only will it scan and load your movies, but it can also download cover art, movie information, and even stills. Movies are usually played back using xLobbys internal Media player or 3rd party external players like theater tek, or zoomplayer but any other player can be used if properly configured. xLobby has 5 independent movie databases that can be named or renamed for any purpose, 1. (Movies) for any type of content, (Movies Family) for all movies appropriate for younger family members, (Movies Music) access all your favorite music artists live concert or music videos, (Adult) any content appropriate for Adult viewing only, (Movies Video) for archieving all your family home videos.


Category Functionality

Why stop at music and movies, also included is xlobby is the idea of a category/database system for anything you can imagine. You can create your very own screen for games, trailers, music videos, recipes, and anything else you can imagine. It’s just so flexible people have used it in ways we never even imagined.

Android, Ipad, iTouch, Iphone integration

The xLobby xPad system is a powerfull web server based control platform the xLobby xPad with un-resticted device licenses, use as many devices as you want on a sysyem. This will be the last control system you or your customers will ever need. The xLobby xPad sysem is easy to setup and use without the requirement for complicated hardware or extensive training and programming for basic installations. We created a simple step by step setup process for creating a project with a home start screen, individual room screens and a device editor for all the project control elements. Step outside the basic design elements and extensive features and tools are available to create endless possibilities with any product or device hardware that can be controlled using industry standard RS232, IR, IP protocols. Remotely login to your xLobby xPad system and make changes or perform remote service calls. Read the detailed brochure below for all the features and details of the system.


Multi Client Support

The ability to control/interface with your server through one or more pc’s or pocket pc’s for that matter is the future of home theater computing. Let me give you an example, let’s say you have a multizone audio system setup from your computer to several different rooms, each room could have a touch screen that controls the audio for that specific room.

Multizone Audio

There are a couple of ways to do multizone audio with xlobby. One can use the sound card(s) in multiple xLobby Clients-Servers or use the sound card(s) or multi-zone expansion boards in a single xLobby Client-Server unit. Regardless of which way you choose to do it, each sound card will become a “zone” that will be controlled through xlobby. For example, you could have several different songs playing from one xLobby Client or Server all being sent to several different rooms around the house, with total independent controlability. And lets say you wanted to have one song playing in every room at the exact same time in (Sync Mode)….you can do that too.

Pocket PC support

There is not one pocket pc program out there today that can interface to your home theater like xlobby can. By default you will be able to control your DVD’s and your music from the comfort of your wifi pda. But if thats not enough, you can always create additional screens through the skin editor…expandability is the key word here. Oh and yes you can edit your pocket pc interface just like the rest of xlobby with the drag and drop skin editor, anything that can be done on the main xlobby screens can also be done on the pocket pc screens.

Idependent Client Control

A very unique feature that is only available in xlobby, is the ability to have multiple pc and pockets pc clients independent of each other. So if your wife has her pocket pc looking at pictures or controlling the music in living room, you could have yours controlling the music in the garage :)

Energy Management

xLobby can manage your homes Audio-Video Systems, Lighting, HVAC and other electronic devices to help minimize your electricity consumption and save energy costs.


Let xLobby modify your Heating and AC controlled comfort by fine tuning your thermostat schedules, so that your home’s climate is in sync with your lifestyle. Indoor and outdoor sensors can provide readings and adjust the temperature automatically. Calendar based scheduling for weekdays, weekends, vacations or special events.


xlobbys home irrigation control’s can optimize watering schedules based upon weather forecasts and seasonal changes manually or by linking the controls to the internal weather module. Program Winter and Summer watering times and schedules. The xLobby hardware will work with any standard 24V AC sprinkler system. The built-in powerline interface stores your timed programs, so you won’t need to worry xLobby will always be able to turn your sprinklers on and off at scheduled times.


Create the perfect mood for a romantic evening with the simple push of a button. Just one command from a touch screen, in-wall event controller and you can dim the lights, turn on soft music, start the indoor water fountain or aroma lamp. With your imagination and xLobby, the possibilities are endless. xLobby lighting control provides ease of use, convenience, peace of mind.

Create the perfect mood for a romantic evening with the simple push of a button. Just one command from a touch screen, in-wall event controller and you can dim the lights, turn on soft music, start the indoor water fountain or aroma lamp. With your imagination and xLobby, the possibilities are endless. xLobby lighting control provides ease of use, convenience, peace of mind.

Let xLobby automate the dawn/dusk controls do the thinking for you, your night and morning routines can automatically adjust for the changing times of sunrise and sunset throughout the year, so you won’t have to worry about reprogramming your driveway lights or outside accent lights when it starts getting darker in the winter. Make your home look occupied while you’re gone or on vacation, wake up each morning by scheduling your bed-side lamp or any other devices to turn on automatically. xLobby supports various lighting products like Insteon, UPB, X10, with new drivers for other manufactures being added on a regular bassis.

Pool-Spa Automation

xLobby can modify your Heating and AC controlled comfort by fine tuning your thermostat schedules, so that your home’s climate is in sync with your lifestyle. Indoor and outdoor sensors can provide readings and adjust the temperature automatically. Calendar based scheduling for weekdays, weekends, vacations or special events.

Remote Log-In

xLobby use’s Log-Me-In to Access & Control a xlobby client or server thats connected to the internet from anywhere in the world. Make remote service call’s, update xLobby systems, Remote training for user’s.


xLobby works with any security system that has a RS232 interface using the xcontroller uconnect system, Full 2 way communication is possible. Security alerts can turn all your home’s lights on, announce an intruder using xLobbys built-in speech engine, shut down your HVAC system, display camera views on your touchscreens, TV’s or trigger any number of events within the xLobby control system.


xLobby control systems have a built-in TTS system and can speak system variables or events from within any menu. Use microsoft based TTS voices or AT&T natural voices. The speech engine can speak Artist and Track names automatically or by pressing the (0) key on the remote to have xLobby speak the Artist and Track tiltle when you want. Have xLobby indicate when certain weather conditions exist. Indicat when a light is turned on or off or if a door is opened, the possibilities are endless.

Quick Docs


xLobby IR Keyboard

xLobby Touchscreens


Part No. 95-1062BK, WH, Product Brochure:

Download Brochure:

xLobby Audio Cards

PDF file Download link:

Amplified Audio Card 40-za1

xlobby 4 zone audio instructions v3.pdf

xLobby Client


Part No. 95-2005, Product Brochure:


xLobby Client Rack Mount Kit 95-2005RMK


xLobby Mini Client Front and Rear panel Information


xLobby Server

xLobby Client Server Setup Example:

xLobby Home Automation Bundle

5 Pack Lighting Bundle:

10 Pack Lighting Bundle

15 Pack Lighting Bundle

Insteon Lighting Products

UPB-PCS Lighting Products
xLobby Elk Products
xLobby Globalcache Products

xLobby WACI, IP Based Controller


Part No. 40-WACI Brochure: