Calrad 95-1062BK, WH USB Touchscreen Driver, Brochure

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Calrad 95-1062BK, WH USB Touchscreen Driver, Brochure

Postby wesblack on Tue Apr 24, 2007 2:30 am

Calrad USB Touchscreen Driver download for Calrad part numbers 95-1062BK (Black), 95-1062WH (White) 10.4" Touchscreens.

Download Driver: ...

Download Brochure:

Download In Wall Kit Instructions: ... ctions.pdf



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Re: Calrad 95-1062BK, WH USB Touchscreen Driver, Brochure

Postby samsonlov on Fri Oct 02, 2009 8:42 pm

I have had this model (White USB Version) installed for about 3 years in-wall with Calrad's In-wall kit, and my clients use it every-day.

(I've also been using the black USB version of this screen since it was introduced, and at this time, I have about 12 of them (USB Version) installed in the field and am happy to report that they are all still working very well.)

Thanks Calrad!
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Re: Calrad 95-1062BK, WH USB Touchscreen Driver, Brochure

Postby billberet on Wed Oct 07, 2009 7:42 pm

hey sam, how do you connect your screens
do you use the rs232 cable that splits to vga and usb (does monitor come with that?).
or does it have usb port and vga port?
how far is your monitor from your server?

currently i have usb baloons over cat5, and a 50ft vga cable for each of my monitors. and i made my own stand
all the monitors run of a splitter so they all display the same thing, i know it's simple but for just me and my wife, it's good enough.
i'm trying to justify the cost of the calrad monitors, since my little ones are $200.

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Re: Calrad 95-1062BK, WH USB Touchscreen Driver, Brochure

Postby samsonlov on Wed Oct 07, 2009 11:38 pm

First of all, where are the photos with the updated screens with "user star-ratings" and "user watched" icons?

okay, okay. I know you said it was going to be a "weekend" project, and those are probably old photos, so I'll let you off the hook (this time). :lol:

As for the screens, I use the Calrad USB touch-screens.
Calrad also has a model that accomplishes control with RS-232, but I havn't used that one)

The USB version of the touchscreen comes with a "VGA" break-out cable that provides separate VGA and USB connectors, and is required for the touch-screen to operate properly. - I know there are many on the forum that have the skill and time to custom-make their own cables, but I've never had an issue with the cable that comes with the monitor, so I just use it as-is, and when the touch-screen is mounted where the cable will be visible, I just cover everything with nylon braided sleeving.

Calrad's USB over cat5 balun system is supposed to be good for up to 300ft! (I've got a few touch-screens operating in the 200+ft range) They also have a "mini" USB to Cat5 "adapter" that is supposed to work at distances of up to 50 feet, but I'm sticking with their "extended range" unit, since most of the screens I've installed are over 50 feet away, and I'm happy to trade a few dollars in exchange for reliability any day.

I (almost always) have at least 2 cat5 cables run to each screen location, so along with the usb over cat5 adapter, I also use one of Calrad's component/VGA+Stereo over 1 cat5 active balun systems to get the vga to the monitor.(40-6110? or 40-6210?)

Typically, the screens are anywhere from 50 to 250 feet away from the server - usually with one extra screen in the rack with the server for programming, setup, and for convenience for the client to import new media with the XLobby interface.

Now that Calrad has this cool "USB VGA/DVI device" (I purchased one just for home, and it works perfectly), I'll be doing things a little differently from now on.
(Only 1 cat5 cable + local AC power, and the following parts from Calrad: 300ft USB extender, powered USB hub, USB VGA adapter, all mounted on the back of the Calrad 10.4" Touch Screen.)
They now have a larger unit working in their demo room in hollywood, and I've played with it, but have not installed one - Yet. :)

When you've only got 1 spare cat5 the USB method is a "wifesaver", and when you've got the extra cat5, doing it this way saves the "extra" cat5 for other cool "stuff" like sending camera or dvr feeds to the 2 composite video in ports on the bottom of the screen, or sending line-level audio from the server to a local "mini" speaker for additional audio feedback.

While I usually use the "in-wall" kit from Calrad, I have also just left the screens on a table or counter. - Sort-of depends on customer preference.

Hope that helps,
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