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Password Protecting Screens www

Postby stevenhanna6 on Fri Apr 01, 2005 6:31 pm

How to password protect a screen.
To give a screen a password

goto the screen you wish to password protect
open the skineditor
click "Screen" then "Edit"
enter your desired password in the "Password" textbox
close the skin editor

Okay now you have assigned a screen a password, so next time xlobby tries to goto that screen with the "goto screen" command it will trigger the "Password Overlay" this is an optional parameter for the "goto screen" command right under "Screen Name". Remember an overlay is just a screen name that will popup over the current screen.

Now your probably asking, well what has to be on that overlay to make this work?

Very simple, you need an overlay with buttons of course that have the following id "show>?" where ? is a number or a letter. So if I have a button with the letter "A" on it, I would assing the ID of "show>a". Basicly you could use an the "alphabet" screen as an overlay if you wanted since they have the same IDs.

So when the overlay shows up, you should input your password. Once the password you entered matches the real password the goto screen command will occur. If you make a mistake, close the overlay and try again.

Another neat thing you can do if you wanted, is assign a screen the password like "lab". Then create three images on your password overlay of Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Bryan Adams...and to each of those images assing the ids "show>l" "show>a" "show>b" you have a password overlay which is acutally just images. So now the password is represented as a sequence of artists instead of letters :)
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