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Pocket PC Hardbuttons www

Postby stevenhanna6 on Fri Apr 01, 2005 6:24 pm

How to use hard buttons on your pocket pc.
Pocket PC's usually have what are called "hard buttons", these are real physical buttons on the handheld. These buttons can be assigned to trigger events.

To assign a hard button an event simply select the event you wish to trigger from the event manager. Then click the "Triggers" tab next to the "Commands" tab, this will bring you to the triggers section. Here you will select the "Hard Buttons" tab.

There are two options you must select here. The first is the "Key Code", this is a unique number assigned to your pocket pc hard button. To figure out the key code simply connect your client and press one of the hard buttons, the key code will then appear in the "key code monitor" window. Then you can click the "Fill" button to use this key code or type it in manually.

The second option is the "Global Trigger", this is a little complex. Selecting a hard button trigger as global will mean whenever you press that button it will try to trigger its assigned event. I say "try" because you can override this by having a button on the screen assigned a different event but with the same hard button trigger. I'll try to explain it a little better, when you press your hard button, xlobby will look for any events on the current screen that have that hard button trigger, if none are found it will then look through all your events for an event with that has a "global" hard button trigger. In the end this give you the ability to assign one button more then one event depending on which screen your on.

Don't forget to click "Add" to actually add the trigger to your event ;)
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