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Saving Information to Variables www

Postby stevenhanna6 on Fri Apr 01, 2005 6:11 pm

How to save information to a variable.
So you want to save some information into a variable. This is not hard to do. You will have to use the "xlobby->save to variable" command.
<p></p>The save variable command takes 2 parameters,
<p></p>(1) the actual information to be saved<br>
(2) the variable name to save the information too
<p></p>Lets do an example, lets say I want to save the string "12345" to the variable "numbers", I would enter those two string in that order into the "save to variable" command. Now once that have been saved you may access that information on the screen through a regular text box. Simply use "variable>numbers" as your text, and it will show up as "12345"
<p></p>Now lets say you want to store the current movie coverart image into a variable. To do this you will enter "%movies>coverart%" and "cover"....I used "cover" as the variable name but you can use anything you want. Now that is save you can access it the same way we did for a string so "variable>cover"
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