Cool alternative for contolling HTPC

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Cool alternative for contolling HTPC

Postby Marbles_00 on Thu Sep 04, 2008 1:59 pm

I'm always an advocate for DIY stuff. Currently in my HTPC setup, I'm using a WinLIRC circuit, along with Girder and using Xlobby with the XRemote plugin (along with a Zoomplayer gml) to do all interaction and control with my simple TV remote. Two drawbacks to this:

1) Unless I build a LIRC IR Blaster, I can't control external stuff. I have tried to build the blaster portion actually, but I have not been able to get it working...even with the simple LIRC software. This isn't really a biggy as my setup only has a processor unit external to the HTPC in which I would only control the volume, so currently I'm using that remote.

2) The big issue is since the LIRC is a serial device, I had no way of turning the system on via the remote, as even in standby, there is no power to the serial connector. I could go through the process of building a USB LIRC, but after all said and done, I'd just be better off purchasing a USB-UIRT and be done. Now I have found this circuit:
and a helpful online instruction here: ... ch-for-PC/

It is 1/2 the cost of the USB-UIRT, and only a fraction of the cost, if I just purchase the chip and build my own circuit. I can program it to work off the TV power on, so when I turn my TV on, the same signal will resume the HTPC. From what I've read too, it is supposed to not just be able to wake the computer from standby, but actually start it from full power-off (not positive on that though). If that is true, this is a nice alternative from a UIRT, as I don't even think the UIRT can do that.

Please note, this requires splicing into the power supply wires, so if you are not technically inclined, I would not recommend this project and would wholely say use a UIRT and be done, but if your a DIY'er like me, this is a cool, inexpensive litte project that well worth building.

My mistake, after looking, I realized that the UIRT is $50+$8, so there is some savings (~$14 including shipping costs) if buying this board pre-built, but it is not 1/2 the cost. Where the savings are is buying the chip then assemble your own board.
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