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xLobby and Lacie NAS

Postby wesblack on Wed Sep 02, 2009 8:13 pm

Setup of Lacie NAS drive for use with xLobby

xLobby can make use of Network Area Storage solutions for storing DVD content. Some of the advantages over USB Book drives are:
1. Much greater storage of content. 4 to 8 Terabytes per drive as opposed to 1 to 2 Terabytes for external USB/Firewire drives.

2. Longer drive life and better mean time between failures

3. Better availability on the network with no drive “drop off”

4. Vastly easier sharing between Xlobby units. No need for a Xobby doing drive hosting.

When an Xlobby machine is hosting a large number of USB drives, problems can arise when one or more of the drives go offline. xLobby will still show the drive online and an attempt to play from that drive will result in that xLobby won’t play the content. This is why we suggest the NAS solution. Also the construction of the Lacie NAS is stronger, less prone to vibration and is rack mount ready. Additionally, backup is much easier.\

Things to Consider
Load the Lacie Network Configuration Utility on to the xLobby Machine which will be used to administer the NAS drive. This will allow you to set permissions and user information if so desired. The NAS comes preconfigured with a single folder named Public and as a member of the Workgroup. Make sure your xLobby machines and your NAS share the same workgroup. The NAS will appear in the Workgroup as a computer icon. Clicking on the icon will show the public folder. This is where your Movie folders should be. Do not just dump all movies in the public folder as the NAS imposes a folder limit of about 1 terabyte per folder. Create folders in the public folder and they will be shared automatically. If you create folders outside the public folder, permissions and users must be set up. So always put them in the public folder.

Experience has shown that alphabetizing by folder will allow you greater control over your movies. When ripping movies, try to do A-C titles first and so on. In xLobby you can map DVD Decrypter to one folder and then move up other folders as they fill up. Common practice is to fill the drive to about 85-90% of capacity. Do not use 100% of the NAS drive as it slows performance. If transferring movies from another drive, do only about 6 to 10 at a time as larger file loads have a tendency to hang when you least expect it.

Lacie NAS Drives have the ability to mirror internally. We do not recommend it as a backup because if something goes wrong with the drive the mirror is going to go bad too. Back up your content to a separate external hard drive that is stand alone. Remember that the Lacie NAS is in reality a dedicated PC with a OS and small motherboard. Things can and do go wrong. But these have so far been reliable and fast. We recommend Cat5e or Cat6 cable, switches and jacks. Note: Cat6 must be used when using BluRay. The Lacie NAS should be on the same switch as the xLobby machines for best performance.


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