Western Digital 1TB External Drive Power Supply Issue

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Western Digital 1TB External Drive Power Supply Issue

Postby wesblack on Wed Sep 24, 2008 10:40 pm

We had a xLobby client that came in for service and it had several of the new Western Digital 1TB external hard drives that had the following issues causing xLobby to crash or play content that just froze the interface for no reason.

Other symptoms are:

1. Intermittant operation, causing content to stop playing from xLobby

2. Would not show up in My Computer as a resource, even after removing and pluging back-in the USB cable

3. The drives would run for 1-2 days and shutdown and not power back up

4. Sometimes the drive would show up and other times it would not

Our varied testing efforts to find the problem revealed that the 2 Amp power supply that ships with the drive is faulty and does not have the correct current capacity or regulation or proper design specifications to operate the drive properlly, especially if it is in use for extended time periods. In simple terms the power supply is causing the drive to exhibit many different symptoms. Maybe they had a bad batch of supplies from the factory and it's a temporary issue ?

We replaced the power supply with one of our 45-602. 12Vdc, 2.5amp switchmode power supplies and have not had any further problems.

western digital 1tb drive.jpg

Western Digital 1TB Drive

western digital power supply.JPG

Bad Power Supply

So when troubleshooting issues with external hard drives, 1. Check the USB\firewire interface cable, 2. Try another DC power supply that meets or exceeds the current requirements, always make sure the DC power plug has the same polarity (+), (-), Update the drives firmware if applicable. 3. Make sure the drive has proper ventillation and air flow so it does not become excessively hot.


Wes Black \ Calrad
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Re: Western Digital 1TB External Drive Power Supply Issue

Postby Jay on Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:11 pm

Good info! Was about buy some. WD is usually excellent in my experience.
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Re: Western Digital 1TB External Drive Power Supply Issue

Postby vaporhat on Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:23 pm

good info.. I would have never guessed the power supply with those symptoms. good job!
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