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Also trying to catch up with V3

PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 10:23 pm
by dalanik
I was quite surprised my account on myXlobby and forum here still works :)

Anyways, I didn't use v3 till now, since I got bored with tweaking my HTPC and anyways everything worked with last free version :) My HTPC broke, so I finaly got a quad core machine which should run v3 fine (old one was too slow for v3's animations etc).

You can imagine how I feel after I movet to v3... I maneged to make a lot of stuff work but still have a lot of issues.

* Pictures category works OK, but when I click (press enter) on picture/item, it does nothing. With previous version it displayed the pic fullscreen without any event etc. Any ideas how to fix this?

* how do I play movies/videos using internal player? I mostly use avi. Now I use old version of Zoom Player but would prefer internal if possible. What do I have to do to play a movie?

* xAnt plugin doesn't seem to create DB which works OK, I mean DB is OK but there is no coverart. There already is topic on this, but no solution. When I open DB and select an item, and go to coverart, and just add space and then delete it (or make any change in path/name and reverse it), cover art appears. This looks like a bug in Xlobby.

This should be enough for now :) Any help greatly appreciated.


Re: Also trying to catch up with V3

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 8:13 am
by dalanik
Bump. :) anyone?

Re: Also trying to catch up with V3

PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:59 pm
by stevenhanna6
Download the latest v3 and get the BRC skin, the package ID is "brcskin".

So first do a bleeding edge update, then reload and get "brcskin" package, then switch to that skin, it use the internal player and is a very simple interface that most people are using. If you have arcsoft or powerdvd installed it will use that for bluray playback, no setup required.

Either way, even if you decide to use the latest default skin, you can report back and tell me if those bugs are still there with everything updated.

Re: Also trying to catch up with V3

PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 2:43 am
by Bill Lott
Wow! Really like the new skin but didn't even know it existed - which leads to two questions...

1. Are there other "new" ones out there?

2. Can multi-zones be added the the bscskin? I really like the simplicity of this skin, but need multi-zone capabilities.


Re: Also trying to catch up with V3

PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2012 6:16 pm
by stevenhanna6
1. are there other skins?

Ummmmm sort of, there are some really custom skins that I can't distribute because they don't belong to me. But brcskin was the last one I made, after helix. Helix looks just like brcskin.

2. can you add multi-zone to brcskin?

Yes you can add it, you could probably steal the overlay from default, but localize all the events on that overlay first so you can just drop the single xml file and forget about the event files. I can't add multizone into brcskin if you are asking me, because it's not meant for a multizone machine