Fios STB SDK comming soon

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Fios STB SDK comming soon

Postby billberet on Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:37 pm

As you are aware, FIOS has a mobile app that lets you send commands to your FIOS BOX via network.
Maybe someone at XL will be able to look at the packet and mimic the payload for XL, and have XL control the STB

Is there a way in XL that i can send out a network packet?
i'm going to sniff my network and grab the packet being sent to my STB for 'menu', once i have that packet and payload, i want to
send it out via XL. the packet will have the IP hardcoded, and the string to send the command.
then when that works, the plugin would have place to type ip and payload, like the same way the IR works.

anyone have any ideas?
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