a category item not importing. searching for a reason

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a category item not importing. searching for a reason

Postby billberet on Tue Apr 27, 2010 1:33 am

i have had an issue from time to time where i couldn't import any items in my video database.
i can no longer import any southpark episodes, i am trying to add episode 4 but XL says 0 files imported. over and over..
even if i delete existing episodes and import, it will find 0 new files to import.
database consists of:

when this happens, inside XL i have to delete the entire southpark category item, then when i re-import, the new episodes are present.
it's not a steady occurrence, but it does happen at least once every few months.
Just a pain when i have to re-import a few hunderd episodes.

anyone have any idea why this happens, or has it happened to someone else?
i am thinking something happens to the xml file, special char or something like that, i guess i'll have to dissect the xml file next time it happens.
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