Can a volume slider send command via 232?

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Can a volume slider send command via 232?

Postby billberet on Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:50 am

Hey Wes, or anyone, is there is a way to link the slider volume control to a 232 command.
whatever the number of the slider control is, is what gets sent thru 232 string.

like when you have a zone open for music, and you change the volume with the green vertical slide bar, (on control page)

i want to do the same thing for my volume controls on my tv.
the tv's i got have discrete number volume commands, not just up and down.
is there a way i can use a slider control to pass that number to the 232 string.

so when i click on the green volume slider at 30%, i want to pass the 30 as a variable to the 232 string

is this possible?
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