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Download Music Videos from youtube

Postby wesblack on Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:15 am

I wanted to share a free tool to download Music Videos or any Video from youtube and what I do to get them into xLobby and how I play the videos that I import into the Music Videos database in xLobby. This is something that we have on our to-do list, seemless integration into xlobby for viewing as well as the ability to download the video files from youtube and other online video sites.

1. Open a browser and goto

2. Open second browser and goto

3. Select the content you want to watch, next copy the url from the address bar and enter it into the youtube catcher URL box.

4. Click on the Red Download button. Download file type (.flv) to your specific Music Videos folder, make sure to create individual folders for each video downloaded this way you can add artwork for each video.

5 Select the Download, examples:, ,,

6. You must have a (.FLV) DirectShow codec installed:
Use ffdshow, Link: or DirectShow FilterPack 3.21, Link: ... Pack.shtml

7. Under alt +F2 Databases tab, Databases, Music Videos, Templates under extensions, add the .FLV file extension to the list. Example: Extensions: video_ts.ifo,iso,avi,vob,mpg,img,wmv,mov,flv

8. If you want coverartwork for the videos then drop the image you want into each folder or if you have access to the MyxLobby area you can upload imagery to the online database then you can just spider the artwork to match your video.

9. In the Music Video menu click on the refresh button, you should see your video.


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