was the 'party mode' bug ever fixed?

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was the 'party mode' bug ever fixed?

Postby CaM on Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:38 pm

hi, I use xlobby v3 for multi zone audio (winamp via soundcard) which works great.

I was never able to get a party mode working (i.e. 1 source played in multiple zones) as some zones would lag after a while

Was this bug ever fixed or is a hardware solution the only option?

If a hardware solution is needed, can anyone recomend a multi-zone audio switcher that is of high quality, works with rs232 and would not color the sound of my existing amps?

I would love the ADA Suite 8 x 8 but its probably out of my budget...



It turns out that the soundcard (RME + daughterboards) I have had for almost 10 years allow me to do this via software :)
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