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Bay Controls HVAC Products

Postby wesblack on Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:03 pm

Bay Controls offers some interesting solutions for residential HVAC control, they have several products that can provide remote access from outside the home using a web browser or web-enabled mobile phone. See the products and links below .

Web Thermostat:
Maximum Savings with Minimum Effort. The BAYweb Thermostat saves the maximum amount of energy almost effortlessly. Once installed, you’ll will rarely have to think about programming your thermostat again.

Web Alert:
The BAYweb Alert device is a self monitored security system. The alert device will notify you of intrusions and other important potential problems, such as a sump pump failure. These alerts are delivered to your mobile phone and to other email addresses you select.

Web Remote:The BAYweb Remote device provides remote monitoring, alerting, and control of devices in your home or office. Control your lights and other devices from your web browser or mobile phone.

Personal Web Portal:
Operate your BAYweb devices anytime anywhere via web browser or web-enabled mobile phone. Unlimited use of the BAYweb portal is included at no additional charge.
Web Integrator

Website links:

Realtime Demo:


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