"set next track" option

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"set next track" option

Postby S Pittaway on Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:05 pm


I listen to most of my music in a giant shuffled playlist and the one thing i always end up doing is scrolling down the list to find what i want to play next...

But i have to wait until the current track finishes...

Then remember to kick the req track before it starts the next one...

I forget and it starts the next track...

Then snaptrack rests the palylist to the current playing song...

So i scroll back down to the track i wanted and start it...

The i repeat for the next track :)


A really simple option that would make this easier is a "play next" option.

When i press this it would set the selected track to be the next played track.

I assume that this would be easy to add and there have been a few requests for it in the past....

If you listen to random playlists (a lot of people do now - we are to lazy to pick ans stick to a whole album) its would be a really useful function.

Also i haven't seen in any of the other MC apps.
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