95-1062 xLobby 50 ft. 4 Zone RS232 Hookup Diagram

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95-1062 xLobby 50 ft. 4 Zone RS232 Hookup Diagram

Postby wesblack on Wed Oct 01, 2008 3:41 pm

This setup is a basic 100 ft. 4 Zone RS232 serial Touchscreen setup for xLobby with mirrored video outputs. I will be posting some other touchscreen configurations diagrams that can reach up to 300 ft. There is also some other prototype products we are experimenting with using a single xLobby machine with 4 VGA video outputs running 4 versions of xLobby with 4 touchscreens all assigned to each video output with the ability to control different menus in the xLobby interface. So each user in different rooms can do what they want. Shown below is what a system integrator would see if they do a remote desktop Log-Me-In session to access an xLobby machine with multiple interfaces running at the same time. I will have some more images and details of this new product concept soon.

95-1062 xLobby Interface Diagram RS232.pdf
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95-1062 xLobby Interface Diagram RS232.jpg


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