40-817M RS232 Technical Info

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40-817M RS232 Technical Info

Postby wesblack on Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:39 pm

The Calrad 40-817M is a 4 x 2 Component video matrix switcher. The unit can operate by front panel selection buttons, IR or using the RS232 control port. In order to control the 40-817M by RS232 you need to plug in the included RS232 dongle. The dongle uses a 4 wire interface cable between the 40-817M and the dongle, make sure the connector header plug is installed correctly following the diagram below. If the connections are correct and a RS232 cable is connected to a RS232 control port the the Blue L.E.D. on top of the RS232 dongle will illuminate, indicating a good connection.

40-817M Front.JPG

40-817M RS232 Interface Adapter.jpg

RS232 Protocol Setup
(9600,8,N,1) Baud Rate: 9600, 8 Data Bits, Parity Control None, Stop Bits 1

All commands must follow a (CR) carriage return command, in xLobby it is the command followed by/r

Commands in Bold
n OUT x, Select input N at output x
x Next, At output x, then select next input
x PRE, At output x, then select previous input
x SCAN y, Output x auto scan on/off
x JUMP Y, Set output x auto jump on/off
ACTIVATE, Power on
STANDBY, Power off
Select X, Select IR operation for x output
IR y, IR remote control on/off
KEY Y, Panel lock/unlock
LED n, Adjust LED Brightness
SAVE, Save Setting
LOAD, Load Setting
KEYPAD, Keypad Mode Operation
SIGNAL, Input Signal Status
STATUS, Display Setting
VERSION, Display Firmware Version
?, Show All Commands
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