LG Displays, RS232 Control Example

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LG Displays, RS232 Control Example

Postby wesblack on Thu Feb 17, 2011 9:17 pm

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This works for:

Owners manual download link: http://www.lg.com/us/support/product/support-product-profile.jsp?customerModelCode=42LC7D&matchedModelCode=1000002393&searchEngineModelCode=42LC7D&initialTab=documents&targetPage=support-product-profile#

The example below may work for all LG RS232 displays. A RS232 crossover cable is required for communication.
See the diagram below. Pins 2 & 3 are crossed from one side to the other.

db9_null modem diagram.png
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Set ID

1.Press the MENU button and then use D or E button
to select the SETUP menu.
2. Press the G button and then use D or E button to
select Set ID.
3. Press the G button and then use D or E button to
adjust Set ID to choose the desired TV ID number.
The adjustment range of Set ID is 1~99.
4. Press EXIT button to return to TV viewing or press
MENU button to return to the previous menu.

lg rs232 hookup.jpg

Communication Parameters
 Baud rate : 9600 bps (UART)
 Data length : 8 bits
 Parity : None
 Stop bit : 1 bit
 Communication code : ASCII code

Communications protocol format: [command1][command2][space][Set ID][space][Data][Carriage Return]
[Command1]: First command to controls the set, (j, k, m or x)
[command2]: Second command to control the set (Set ID)
[Set ID]: You can adjust the set ID to choose desired TV ID
number in Setup menu. Adjustment range is 1~ 99.
When selecting Set ID ‘0’, every connected the TV is
controlled. Set ID is indicated as decimal (1~ 99) on
menu and as Hexa decimal (0x0~ 0x63) on transmission
/receiving protocol.
[Data]: To transmit command data.
Transmit ‘FF’ data to read status of command.
* In this model, TV will not send the status during the standby mode.
[CR]: Carriage Return, in xLobby use "\r"

Example com port communicaion settings in xLobby: com1:9600:none:8:one

Example string to turn power on: ka 1 1\r
Example string to turn power off: ka 1 0\r

Notice the spaces in between ka and the tv device id number, these spaces are important and must be followed or the command sent will not work. See your owners manual for a complete list of RS232 commands or the example owners manual for model 42LC7D in .pdf file at the top of the page.

lg rs232 control.jpg

Screenshot of the xLobby skin editor, basic RS232 send string event.

For short RS232 communications you can use a standard null modem RS232 cable, for long distances use Calrads 72-130NM adapters they use cat5e, cat6 to deliver signals for up to over 200 ft..

72-130 Bochure:Image format:

.PDF file format:
72-130 web.pdf
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72-130 Product Images:
72-130 adapters.jpg
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