Curious discovery

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Curious discovery

Postby P3rv3rt B3ar on Mon Sep 22, 2008 1:14 am

Ive noticed that an event will be executed little bit differently under the hood whether its launched from "test" button on setup's event tab or regularly as an event set for a skin button. This is important for me cause certain hacky event i have experiences anoying side effect when launched from skin button, but runs smoothly when executed from "test" button on setup. Interesting point is also if u make another event which just has "run event" command pointing to the first hacky event and launch the new event from the "test" button it will employ same unwelcome behavior as if launched directly from skin. Now ive invented a hacky method to launch events placed on skin indirectly via "test" button, but that is needlesly complex and still unprooven. Instead i would like to understand what could cause this different behaviour, and perhaps attack it on some other avenue. Anybody else noticed this and what are your best guesses? Im putting my money on that it gets executed by different thread, hence the different behavior... i guess im off to set some deadlocks and see what happens :)

EDIT: Disregard the post, apparently unticking the "multithreaded"-attribute made event behave just as sweet wether launched from skin or "test"-button.
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