V3 IR Devices Menu

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V3 IR Devices Menu

Postby wesblack on Sat Oct 18, 2008 4:05 am


System Integrator V3 reference. Below are several screenshots of xLobby V3 in the Skin Editor with the IR device tab open. This menu is used to learn IR commands for use by xLobby to either allow other remotes learned IR codes to control xLobby or to have xLobby control other audio video products. A full xLobby license is required for these features to work.

Creating a Device and Learning IR codes for xLobby to use to control that device:
IR controlled Devices can be created in this menu by selecting the Device Manager tab and selecting the add button to create a new device. Enter Brand, Device (Receiver, Display, Blu0Ray, etc.), Model number these fields are for reference only, Alias is the actual field used to link Devices to IR commands and refers to the product description like (Direct TV, JVC Provector, Yamaha Receiver).

After you create a device profile it will be show in the device list box. Now Select Device tab then select the new device you created from the Current Device drop down list. 1. Next click on the add button this will add a New Command to the Commands list box, in the Name text box you can edit or change the label of the button that will be learned in to xLobby for example (Power). 2. Next click on the learn button, now hold the remote up to the IR window in the front of your xLobby unit about 2-3" from the receiver window and hit the (Power) button on the remote, you should see a red activity L.E.D. illuminate from inside the receiver window, watch the xLobby screen until you see the status bar reach 100%. If it does not repeat step 2. Your code should look like the example Screenshot 2 below. If you want to delete a learned IR command then select the IR command from the list and click on the delete button.

Follow steps 1-2 until all the desired buttons are learned.

If you have the device your controlling installed you can select a command from the list box and click on the transmit button to test that command.

V3 IR Device Screenshot New Device Tab.jpg

Screenshot 1

V3 IR Device Screenshot.jpg

Screenshot 2

xLobby IR Window.jpg

xLobby IR Receiver window

xLobby IR in out rear panel.jpg

xLobby Rear Panel IR

The next screen shots will show how to attach these IR commands to buttons in xLobby and create events or event macros to control different devices, xLobby can retransmit IR codes from the IR window in the front of the unit as well as a 3.5mm IR output jack located on the rear panel.

This post is a work in progress.

This is a reference-Information post and may be edited on a regular basis as needed.


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Re: V3 IR Devices Menu

Postby wesblack on Thu May 05, 2011 4:49 pm

New IR Device menu system. See this news post.

xLobby Universal Remote Control System First Release

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