Calrad wireless keyboard mouse for xLobby, Part No. 95-1072

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Calrad wireless keyboard mouse for xLobby, Part No. 95-1072

Postby wesblack on Sat Mar 31, 2007 4:30 am

Calrad wireless IR keyboard & mouse. The .wir file extension can be opened in notepad, word or in your web browser. Cut and paste the hex code as necessary each key is labeled and comma delimited. This file extension works with all WACI ip based controllers. IR Receiver and keyboard shown.

WACI IP Based controller:

Keyboard Mapped IR Codes:

Calrad 92-310 IR Keyboard & Mouse


* Designed for Windows
* Wireless input with built-in infrared technology
* Built-in pointing device for 8-direction cursor control
* 88/89 keys keyboard with embedded numeric keypad and 12 dedicated function keys
* Fully function of 104/105 keys


* Frequency: 38Khz/56Khz
* Effective angle: Within 45 degrees
* Distance: 7 meters
* Use force: Approximately 20g to 200g for pointing device
* Power: 3VDC(2) 1.5V AA batteries
* Battery: 400 hours with typical usage


* Keyboard interface: IBM AT, PS/2 compatible
* Power: 5V DC, 250mA max. connected to host computer
* LED indicator: Num Lock, Caps, Scroll Lock, Power LED and active LED
* Sensor: High performance & high EMS immunity


* Compatibility: IBM AT, PS/2, DOSV
* Requires 2 PS/2 Ports
* Key layout: 88/89 keys
* Travel distance: 3.0 0.3mm
* Travel to peak: 1.0 0.3mm
* Peak force: 50 + 10 gm
* Operating temperature: 0 to 40oC
* Storage temperature: -10 to 60oC
* Operating humidity: 10% to 85% RH
* Switch life: 5 million life cycles
* Electronic data: Transmitter--3VDC 15mA; Receiver-5VDC250mA
* Dimension (without palm rest): 13.3"(L)x6.6"(W)x1.1"(H)
* Weight: 0.72kg

Any questions on the 92-310, please post them here.


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